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About Us

SPICE NIRVANA is a boutique importing business that specialises in premium niche spice brands from the Indian subcontinent. We deliver all our products throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as a few other countries.

Being spice aficionados, we are extremely passionate about great food and the rich culinary heritage of India with its amazing flavour profiles. In our continuing effort to bring you outstanding quality products, we arduously research and scour through many manufacturers and suppliers on a regular basis. We then tenaciously taste test and cherry pick the finest ones to be featured on our website. In our mission to bring out the hidden gems of India, we bring you some of the best spice mixes for you to enjoy the true flavours of India, in the most convenient way possible.

Nirvana literally means "cool" or "to extinguish", and it is a state where difficulty has been "extinguished". Or said another way, the flames of desire have been cooled. In short, it is a state of the ultimate freedom and a place of perfect peace and happiness. The Buddha taught that Nirvana was the ultimate goal of humans and is quoted as saying -  "One is the road that leads to wealth, another the road that leads to Nirvana."

We at SPICE NIRVANA have taken the literal meaning of Nirvana and applied it to one of life's greatest pleasures - Food. India is well known for its diverse regional cuisines, but many of them have been left unexplored or have not been not properly introduced to the world. We strive to bring in the perfect amalgamation of spices from selected traditional merchants who have been experimenting with the alchemy of spices. They have come up with extraordinary blends that take a very modern approach to cooking, but perfectly retaining the traditional flavours. Most of our spice mixes are 'ready-to-cook' and require very little time and effort to create exceptional quality ethnic dishes from many well-known as well as little-known cuisines of India.

We are constantly in the lookout for new experiences to be added to our range, and encourage our users to contact us if they would like a certain product or brand to be available in the future.

Sincerely Yours

Spice Nirvana