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Dips & Sprinklers

Dips & Sprinklers
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Chaat Masala SOLD OUT

Chaat Masala

Chaat Masala is a one of the most widely used Indian natural taste enhancer. Sprinkle this highly ar..

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Italia Seasoning -57%

Italia Seasoning

Like the Indian version of Chinese cuisine, named Indo-Chinese, Indians have a way of 'Indianising' ..

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Jeeravan -57%


Jeeravan Masala is a perfect taste enhancer and enhances the taste of most snacks daily served in ev..

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Pudina Dip -57%

Pudina Dip

Just add yoghurt or sour cream with a dash of lemon and enjoy an instant refreshing minty dip. The s..

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Raita Masala SOLD OUT

Raita Masala

An Indian version of Tzatziki, raita is a well known accompaniment for Indian food. Just add yoghurt..

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Tea / Chai Masala COMING SOON!

Tea / Chai Masala

Chai or Tea Masala is a completely natural spice mix that gives Indian tea or Chai is distinctive fl..

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