Dum Ka Chicken
Dum is a very famous Hyderabadi technique where the dish is slow cooked with the lid being sealed with dough to stop any flavours or aromas from escaping. The method creates a dish where all the flavours from the spices are infused into the meat being cooked. You don't need to adhere to the exact technique if in a hurry, but if you do, you would soon figure out that the extra effort if well worth the outcome.

Ustad Banne Nawab's

Ustad Banne Nawab's spices come from one of the greatest foodie destinations of India - Hyderabad. The city enjoys a rich cultural and culinary heritage, and Ustad (which means 'Master' or 'Expert') is one of the city's leading traditional spice merchants. They have created a stunning variety of 'ready-to-cook' spices for many well known Indian dishes as well as typical Hyderabadi delicacies. Simply mix and cook with only a couple of ingredients to create an authentic experience. No need to add ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions or any other spices! Ustad's spices do not contain artificial preservatives, colours, MSG or any meat based products.

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Dum Ka Chicken

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