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CLEARANCE Shahi Garam Masala

The unique and adorable feature of our 'Shahi Garam Masala' is the absence of Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya/Dhane) and Cumin Seeds (Jira/Jire) which do not dilute the fragrance and taste in preparations of recipes and are generally found in the market. On account of this virtue, even a small quantity of our Garam Masala serve their purpose in providing that unparalleled fragrance and taste to your recipe. The addition of Coriander seeds and Cumin seeds is mostly done to compete in the market on the price front, which we strictly stayed away from. In line with the motto of Pallavi's Spices, to give only the best without any adulteration in taste and fragrance for which our spices are loved for, we stuck to the age old and traditional method of preparing this masala for which we have been blessed by many veteran spice connoisseurs. The end result of using our quality Garam Masala is maximizing the delight of the food lovers and over a period one understands that moderate quantity wise usage in recipes equals the cost advantage offered by other products in the market. Our Shahi Garam Masala is an instant favorite on recipes like Veg & Non-Veg Biryani, Pulav of different origins, Pav Bhaji, Punjabi Vegetables, Parathas, Dahi Wada etc.

Pallavi's Spices

Pallavi's Spices is a boutique spice brand from Pune, India, and specialise in traditional Maharashtrian spice mixes. They deliver delectable spices prepared with the best ingredients while combining proven traditional practices to produce best quality spices, ensuring consistent flavor and aroma with modern techniques. Pallavi's Spices will go beyond just delighting your taste bud and make a lasting impression and users will experience nothing less than a superb taste for every recipe they make using their spices. Their spices are free of preservatives or artificial color, and are made with 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

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Best Before Date: 31st Aug 2018


Note: Best Before or Use-By dates on food products are used as a guideline ONLY, and the products remain perfect for consumption for a further 6-8 months past those dates. Minimise food waste ending up in landfill sites, please do not throw away perfectly good food when millions go hungry every day!

Shahi Garam Masala

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