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North Indian

North Indian
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Bhuna Gosht Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Bhuna Gosht Spice Mix

Bhuna Gosht is a classic Indian recipe that is traditionally made of goat, but lamb or beef or even ..

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Butter Chicken Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Butter Chicken Spice Mix

The very famous Indian chicken dish with silky tomato gravy - Butter Chicken or Chicken Butter Masal..

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Chicken Curry Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Chicken Curry Spice Mix

The authentic Indian curry or gravy dish. A wholesome chicken dish cooked in light and fragrant toma..

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Creamy Chicken SOLD OUT

Creamy Chicken

Amazingly delectable and delicious, this chicken recipe is made in white gravy and is sure to be lov..

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Dal Makhani SOLD OUT

Dal Makhani

Dal or lentils are a staple food of India and are full of nutrients and protein and a health alterna..

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Kadai Chicken Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Kadai Chicken Spice Mix

Kadai or Kadhai is an Indian wok made of iron and Kadai Chicken is another popular recipe from North..

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Kadai Paneer SOLD OUT

Kadai Paneer

Kadai or Kadhai is an Indian wok made of iron and Kadai Paneer is another popular recipe from Northe..

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Kashmiri Dum Aloo SOLD OUT

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is generally fried baby potatoes cooked in a thick gravy. There are many versions of Dum Al..

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Keema / Mince Curry SOLD OUT

Keema / Mince Curry

Keema means minced meat, and Keema Curry can be made with your choice of lamb, goat, beef or even po..

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Korma Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Korma Masala Spice Mix

Korma can be prepared with most meats or even vegetables, which is braised with yogurt or cream and ..

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Lamb / Mutton Rogan Josh SOLD OUT

Lamb / Mutton Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is one of the most popular Indian delicacies and can be made with lamb, goat, beef or eve..

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Lemon Herb Chicken SOLD OUT

Lemon Herb Chicken

A creamy and tangy chicken dish infused in a herb based sauce. Not all Indian food is very spicy or ..

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Meat Curry Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Meat Curry Spice Mix

This is one of the most common meat curries prepared regularly in most Indian households. A light an..

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Palak Paneer Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Palak Paneer Spice Mix

A healthy north-Indian dish made of paneer (and Indian cottage cheese) simmered in an aromatic spina..

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Paneer Butter Masala SOLD OUT

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala is a traditional Punjabi recipe in which soft pieces of paneer (Indian cottage ..

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Posto Chicken SOLD OUT

Posto Chicken

Posto chicken is a special bengali chicken recipe in which the chicken is cooked with poppy seeds an..

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Punjabi Chana SOLD OUT

Punjabi Chana

Chana Masala, also called Punjabi Chana is a delicious and protein packed dish from Punjab, made of ..

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Rajma Masala SOLD OUT

Rajma Masala

A protein packed and nutritious dish from Punjab, Rajma Masala is made of red kidney beans that are ..

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Rara Chicken Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Rara Chicken Spice Mix

Rara Chicken is an aromatic, flavorful and delicious chicken dish in a dry curry, spiced up with car..

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Shahi Mutter Paneer SOLD OUT

Shahi Mutter Paneer

Mattar Paneer is a wholesome vegetarian north Indian dish consisting of peas and paneer (Indian cott..

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