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They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Great food requires the best ingredients in order to bring about a truly unforgettable experience. Shelly’s helps you achieve this through the magical flavours of purest spices, ready-mixes, mixed masalas and more. They remain true to the traditional basics that governed food production in the days when purity and taste were never compromised, with stringent quality testing on a regular basis and using only the very best ingredients for all of their products.

Shelly's masalas are sun dried and processed under strict supervision to ensure preservation of the natural quality and purity of the ingredients. Their farm also produces Gobindobhog Rice, processed and packed to protect its natural aroma and goodness. The range of Classic Bengali Ready-Mixes, Mixed Masalas, Pickles and Chutneys evoke those unforgettable recipes of our mothers and grandmothers. Enjoy an unforgettable gourmet experience with our collection of Bengali food classics.

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Dalna Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Dalna Masala Spice Mix

Dalna is a signature Bengali vegetarian dish, consisting of a delicious mix of vegetables and spices..

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Fish Jhal Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Fish Jhal Masala Spice Mix

Fish Jhal is a signature Bengali dish that is known for its unique taste and savoury flavour. Make i..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Fish Jhol Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Fish Jhol Masala Spice Mix

Fish Jhol is a traditional Bengali spicy fish stew and a Bengali food favourite. With Shelly’s Class..

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Gavran Maratha SOLD OUT

Gavran Maratha

Gavran Maratha Masala is delectably spicier and has a huge fan following in both vegetarian and non-..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Goda Masala SOLD OUT

Goda Masala

Goda Masala is most widely used and cherished spicy- sweet mix popular for its inviting aroma and de..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Jeeravan SOLD OUT


Jeeravan Masala is a perfect taste enhancer and enhances the taste of most snacks daily served in ev..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Kanda Lasun SOLD OUT

Kanda Lasun

Kanda Lasun Masala is a spicy, delectable blend of choicest spices in the most authentic Kolhapuri s..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Kolhapuri SOLD OUT


Kolhapuri Masala is particularly favorite with people loving preparations between mild and extra spi..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Kolhapuri Misal SOLD OUT

Kolhapuri Misal

Misal, meaning "mixture", is most happening delicacy in Maharashtra and slowly catching the rest of ..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Malai Curry Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Malai Curry Masala Spice Mix

This extremely popular Bengali prawn curry is often served at weddings and celebrations. Savour the ..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Malvani SOLD OUT


An incredible combination of Indian spices, Malwani masala is often used in the Konkani (Maharashtri..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Mutton Jhol Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Mutton Jhol Masala Spice Mix

Treat your family to this classic dish with Shelly’s Classic Bengali Mutton Jhol Mixed Masala, an ag..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Pav Bhaji SOLD OUT

Pav Bhaji

A famous Indian fast food from western India, it is now very well known thanks to its immense popula..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Punjabi Sabji Masala SOLD OUT

Punjabi Sabji Masala

Garam Masala as the name suggests is a blend of spices used to impart a distinct aroma to the recipe..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Sambar Masala SOLD OUT

Sambar Masala

Irrespective of its south Indian origin, Sambar is loved across length and breadth of India in diffe..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Saoji Masala SOLD OUT

Saoji Masala

Saoji Masala is a delectable recipe of Saoji community from north central India and is known for its..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Shahi Garam Masala SOLD OUT

Shahi Garam Masala

The unique and adorable feature of our 'Shahi Garam Masala' is the absence of Coriander Seeds (Dhani..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50

Shukto Masala Spice Mix SOLD OUT

Shukto Masala Spice Mix

This Bengali vegetarian speciality is a delicious mix of vegetables and spices in a thick gravy. She..

AU$2.99 Ex Tax: AU$2.99

Warhadi SOLD OUT


Warhadi is our exclusive offering not only to those belonging to this eastern region of Maharashtra ..

AU$3.50 Ex Tax: AU$3.50